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When it comes to Shabby Chic Furniture, you will find many styles and techniques. Here at The Shabby Chic Antique,
you will find only genuine antiques which have been carefully refinished, aged, and distressed to give the piece the most
authentic appearance.

The combination of old world charm with a new finish makes for the most alluring decor. Whether you are looking for naturally finished antique furniture, or an enchanting Shabby Chic accent piece, shop The Shabby Chic Antique for affordable quality furniture, that will be cherished forever.

Shabby Chic Antique New Jersey

Shabby chic (pronounced: "sheek") is a style of interior design where furniture and furnishings are chosen for their appearance of age and signs of wear, or new items are distressed to achieve the look. They are typically white with a very feminine, soft, romantic feel.
To me, shabby chic is a style and a way of life that is about taking things that other people overlook and seeing the beauty lurking beneath the surface. The things are shabby, paint is peeling perhaps revealing the wood beneath, there are cracks, and as my Grandmother would say, "they've seen better days”!
And maybe that’s the point. Because these are always things that were once stylish, often they were the design classics of their day. They usually say something about the era they came from and that gives them a depth that something straight from a department store will never have. Character.
Shabby Chic furniture often has a lightness of touch. It might be something physically heavy and solid but it’s impact will often be lightened by the use of pale or understated paint colors and effects. There’s often a tendency towards decorative features, scroll work, carvings even, but these are counter-balanced by softening layers of paint. The usual accent colors are light blues, roses and sage greens. The overall effect is light and charming.

The Shabby Chic Antique is conveniently located off the New Jersey Garden State Parkway, exit 117 in Keyport, New Jersey.
Inside "The Place for Vintage Music and Antiques" (formerly The Front Porch Emporium). Many antiques have found their way into the shop and are ready to be purchased.

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